Our Story

As a child, some of my favorite memories are of family gatherings around a fantastic meal prepared by my parents, some of which I helped them create. They were the primary influence on my culinary career, igniting my passion for food that has brought me to create Emerald City Catering.

As a youngster I remember assisting my Dad in creating the now famous homemade sausages known as Dad’s Brats and Grandpa’s Hickory Smoked Sausages. Eventually he deemed me worthy of the secrets of the recipe and passed them on to me. I also learned how to create some of the finest desserts and Croatian specialties at my Mom’s knee that we at Emerald City Catering still make our as signature dishes.

Our goal is to start with the highest quality (and often organic) ingredients to prepare delicious meals that I would be proud to serve to friends and family.

Since our inception in 2009, we have grown quickly into the company that we are today. We humbly began by renting a kitchen from a local church that I grew up attending, and in 2011 we purchased the location in South Milwaukee where we currently reside.

  • As a bride, every little detail makes you crazy. But Steve and his team went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day was perfect. Firstly, every single guest raved about our food—which is exactly what you want to hear!! Not to mention that when our day-of coordinator dropped the ball on little things (like linens for our food and cake tables, turning lights on/off in our dining room, and plates and forks for when we cut the cake), Steve and his team were always there with a solution to make our day seamless and perfect! Beyond that, they took it upon themselves to scope out the venue weeks before our event, completely unprompted! I cannot say enough great things about this company and their commitment to ensuring your special day is perfect.


A goal of ours at Emerald City Catering is to bring back the idea of true customer service and provide you a relaxing break in your overly busy day. Do you remember the times when the neighborhood gas station had an attendant that pumped your gas for you, offered to check your oil and had free air for your tires? A time when you went to a local bakery or deli and saw a friendly, familiar face behind the counter rather than someone just filling a position?

Unfortunately, we live in a high-stress world of deadlines, twelve hour days and big-box stores whose main offering is quantity over quality. For all of the sacrifices that you make, you deserve to have the stress taken out of your event. Let us be the ones to do that for you.


Our team is here to get working on your event menu right away. Let’s get started!

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