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We are Steve (Oz) and Laurie Ozbolt, the owners of Emerald City Catering & Events. We want nothing more than to make your event special and meaningful to you, with delicious food, of course. Emerald City Catering & Events was founded in 2009. Oz has had a passion for cooking for as long as he can remember. He was always playing with his mom’s pots and pans on the floor in the kitchen. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of family gatherings around a fantastic meal prepared by his parents who let him help with the preparations.

As a youngster, Oz would assist his Dad in creating homemade sausages known as Dad’s Brats and Grandpa’s Hickory Smoked Sausages. Eventually, his Dad deemed him worthy of the secrets of the recipe and passed them on to him. He also learned to create some of the finest desserts and Croatian specialties at his Mom’s knee. His parents were the primary influence on his culinary career.

When he turned forty, Steve decided to turn his passion into a business.

We began by renting the basement kitchen of Blessed Sacrament Church. The church Steve grew up in. With the last name of Ozbolt, he’s been called Oz since first grade, leading to the name Emerald City Catering. After two years, we moved to a location in South Milwaukee and primarily offered take-out and off-site catering. In 2018, we moved to the former Walker’s Maple Grove location to be able to provide on-site catering and banquet services. We are honored to carry on the family traditions of memorial lunches, weddings and other parties that many families in the area have with this building.

Our goal is to prepare delicious food that nourishes your soul as well as your body. Steve remembers the comfort of home-cooked meals and strives to bring that same comfort to your event, large or small. Let us take care of you. Whatever your cultural tradition, our objective is to fill you with love and bring your favorite family dishes to the table. As they say, there’s no place like home…

Why Emerald City?

A goal of ours at Emerald City Catering is to bring back the idea of true customer service and provide you a relaxing break in your overly busy day. Do you remember the times when the neighborhood gas station had an attendant that pumped your gas for you, offered to check your oil and had free air for your tires? A time when you went to a local bakery or deli and saw a friendly, familiar face behind the counter rather than someone just filling a position?

Unfortunately, we live in a high-stress world of deadlines, twelve-hour days and big-box stores whose main offering is quantity over quality. For all of the sacrifices that you make, you deserve to have the stress taken out of your event. Let us be the ones to do that for you.

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